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Melissa Washington's Book Get Back to Work

Job-hunting is a phrase that, to most, means sending off numerous resumes and waiting until someone decides to contact you for an interview. However, I am here to help you change your job-hunting outlook!

This innovative guide is going to change your opinion about the “dreaded job hunt” with the assistance of recruiting, career, and social media expert Melissa Washington. She shares the most effective ways to job hunt so being unemployed is outdated.

Get Back to Work is a practical, straightforward, and innovative filled tip book that will put you ahead of your competitors.


What You Will Learn

  • How to use social media to stand out from other applicants
  • How to use your existing network to build a strong network
  • How to get into overlooked employment outlets to secure jobs your competitors have not even considered


Whom Is This Book For

This book is for everyone who is trying to get a job whether you are a college graduate, transitioning military member, Veteran, or someone who is in-between jobs. This guide provides you with systematic steps to make sure that you land a job you will love working. This is your key to getting back to work!


Support Resources



Business Cards

The Unexplored Job Market

Contingent Workforce

Job Websites & Alerts


Social Media




Starting Your Own Business

As a bonus, you will even gain access too – LinkedIn Checklist, Looking for Work Checklist, Job and Networking Resource List, and a Veteran Resource List.

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Books are available in both print and digital versions.

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