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When I log in to LinkedIn, what should I be looking for in a given day and what kind of time commitment should I make?

If you’re just starting your LinkedIn profile, or if you created a profile five years ago and now planning to revitalize it, you’re going to spend a little bit more time than the average day-to-day user. You will probably find yourself uploading a new photo, adding your working experience, updating your summary and adding rich-media to your profile. “Rich media” refers to links to YouTube videos and other multimedia. You can add MS Word documents and PDFs to your profile, as well. You’re ramping up which will probably going to take a little bit of time.

In addition to revitalizing your profile, you will want to join groups and follow companies. Finding appropriate groups and companies that provide content to fit your specific needs will also take some quality time.

Log into LinkedIn twice a dayHere’s a daily pattern that works for most. Login twice a day and review Pulse and the news feed (news feed is the section that shows up below the Pulse hyperlink). Here you can see what your connections are posting in real-time and then follow-up with a comment or like a post you connect with. You can also share something yourself and see what your groups are posting to review other updates.

I am looking for a job. How can LinkedIn help?

If you’re looking for work or looking at the jobs section, setup a job alert specific to what you’re looking for. Job alerts allow LinkedIn to send job postings to you directly so you won’t have to spend too much time searching for jobs on LinkedIn. The work is done for you instead!

I have updated my profile. Can I see who has read it?

Yes. On LinkedIn, you can actually see who has looked at your profile. I definitely use this opportunity to follow up with people directly, especially if they’re not a “first degree” connection. There’s a reason that they looked up your profile and it’s wise to seize the opportunity to follow up with those individuals. They may have a need I can fill.

I want to connect with somebody prosperous but I also know that I will probably get filtered out if I send a friend request. What do I do to connect with this person?

Find out who your mutual connections are. That is one of the best things about LinkedIn, we are somehow linked to each other. If the person is a “second degree” that means there’s somebody you know that they know. Leverage your mutual connection and ask if they will make an introduction for you.

Suppose you want to connect with Paul McCartney. If you sent a connection request, it would probably get filtered. However, maybe you know someone named Allen who has Paul McCartney as a client. You can ask Allen to introduce you to Paul McCartney. Allen is a first level connection. Paul McCartney is a second level connection.

At what point do you have enough connections?

You can never have enough quality LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn is always growing. With two members joining LinkedIn every second, there’s more and more opportunities to connect with people every day.

Personally, I have over 2,000 LinkedIn connections. In the last couple of years, I’ve doubled my connections because I’ve been out networking nonstop.

How can I control what is on my news feed?

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