Military Veteran’s

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military veteran melissa washingtonMy passion is to help Veterans and their spouses get back to work.


  • View my blog post regarding specific tips for those that have served our country. Also for veteran discounted offer on my book Click here.
  • Featured article from Patriot Magazine: Melissa Washington “The Connector” view here
  • Listen to a recent Success Vets podcast where I share Tips, Advice, and Strategies on how to Get Back to Work. ¬†Listen here.
  • Veteran Resources and Benefits–¬†Veterans benefits include programs, services, and compensation provided by the Veterans Administration, but also many others provided by non-profits and organizations just looking to help. View here.

One Year U.S. Veteran LinkedIn Job Seeker Subscription offer:

This offer is available to US Veterans with military experience listed on their LinkedIn profile, and is not transferable.


  1. Join (already have an account go to #2).
  2. Add your military experience to on your profile so LinkedIn can verify your status.
  3. Visit
  4. Click on “Get Job Seeker for Free”
  5. Complete form to request free upgrade.

Benefits of the job seeker subscription upgrade:

  • See a complete list of who has viewed your profile.
  • Save and organize profiles.
  • Job Seeker Badge.
  • Contact decision makers directly with inmail.
  • Become a Featured Applicant

More about the job seeker upgrade can be found here.

I am the Director/Founder of Women Veterans Alliance

Learn more about how we are helping empowering women veterans

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