Keynote Speaker

2014 Mature Worker event Melissa Washington San Diego

The Melissa A. Washington Difference

Will team up with you to help promote your event online

Arrive early and stay late to help your attendees feel comfortable

Follow the Point-Story-Takeaway strategy to educate and entertain

Finish on time

Will customize talk to the audience

Help Individuals and companies


Filling your seats

I will help you promote your events. I know bringing in effective speakers will help you look good and increase attendance at your event. I will have your audience engaged and wanting to ask questions either during or after the presentation. I understand that some speakers talk at you and that is a big pet peeve of mine as I don't feel we can truly learn when we are being talked at.  That is not my style whether I am on stage or doing an interactive workshop, audience engagement is taking place. I encourage participation.



Melissa has spoken to audiences at: