Women Are Veterans Too!


When people think of veterans, they usually don’t think about the countless women that have also made the sacrifice to serve.  What I do find troubling, is the women that have served that do not consider themselves a veteran.  The reasons that I have been given: 1.Veterans are from the Vietnam era 2.I did not serve in combat 3.I never left CONUS (Continental United States) or 4.I was told I am not a veteran.

Ladies, if you served in the military, you are veteran.  

There are so many programs and resources that are available out there for women veterans that are under utilized because women do not self identify.

Earlier this year I started the Women Veterans Alliance as I saw there was not an organization locally that was providing a way for local women veterans to connect with each other. The purpose of our organization is to: Empower Women Veterans: networking, career and professional development and mentorship for women that have served and are currently serving.

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